PUTNAM PARK ROAD COURSE is a 1.78 mile, 10-turn road course that opened in 1991. The facility is located 35 miles west of Indianapolis, Indiana and is open for club events and professional team testing. The track is open year-round, weather permitting, and can schedule events at any time.

We are pleased to announce that the The Club’s Clubhouse has been completed. Please visit the Clubhouse page at The Club’s section for more information.

The Club at Putnam Park

The Club is a country club style
member-only lapping group
that hosts over 120 track days per year.Go to The Club Please see The Club section for more info.

Putnam Park is open year-round for testing and group events. Please email or call for more information on track rental and availability.

Putnam Park is the perfect track for learning to drive your car at its limits, with challenging corners, smooth surface, and ample runoff room.  Take your pick of the numerous car clubs that host events at the circuit.  In addition, motorcycle riders love the combination of nearly half-mile straight and transitional corners- a fantastic circuit for both low- & high-displacement bikes.  Please see the Schedule section for group events and links to their websites.

The circuit of Putnam Park can be configured fifteen different ways, utilizing the optional turns of ‘The Loop’ & ‘Times Square’. In this combination, the course can be up to 17 turns and 1.871 miles, making it the perfect circuit for suspension testing or simulating a street-circuit. The Short Course, at .528 miles and only four turns, is perfect for pit-stop testing. Please see the track map for all the possible combinations.

The Club at Putnam Park

We are pleased to announce the formation of The Club at Putnam Park.  The Club is a country club style member-only lapping group that ultimately will host over 100 track days per year.  Please see The Club for more info.

Photographs by: Robert Phelan | PhotoMotion | (314) 795-9778 | robert@photomotiononline.com