New garages at Putnam Park were completed in the Spring of 2012.  The building is split-face concrete block,
and is positioned so the sunlight does not directly enter the bays and they are well-protected from inclement weather.
There are 20 bays, each with its own roll-up and walk-thru doors.



Each bay is 17’ X 20’, fits one car or up to four motorcycles and
has overhead lighting, ceiling fans, and electrical outlets.
The bays are open between each other, and the configuration allows
for chairs and tables to be set up between bays.



It is a fantastic group atmosphere for the groups, and allows for a centralized meeting area.

Compressed air is available, and there is a 1/4” universal female port in each bay.
Those wanting to utilize the air will need to provide their own hose and 1/4” male coupler.

There is a 800′ X 100′ gravel parking area behind the garages for rigs and trailers.


Putnam Park 30 Bay Garage Building Aerial View


The garages are provided to each group as part of the facility rental,
and the groups may rent the bays to their members.

Please contact your group for bay rental information.