Info & Rules

Spectators are welcome to all group events (no charge for most). Information on each event can be found on the host group’s website, which is linked on the schedule page.
Putnam Park is open year-round for testing and group events. Please email or call for more information on track rental and availability.


Camping is not allowed on the property. There are nearby campgrounds listed on the “Hotels & Food” page.

Electric & Water

There is no electric available on the property, except for timing and scoring in the tower. If your trailer requires electric, please bring a generator. Air is located in the paddock in front of the tower. Water for washing off vehicles is located at the corner behind the tower.

Trailer Drop-off

Dropping off trailers or vehicles the day before an event is not permitted unless the group hosting the event has arranged and paid for a specified time. Please contact the host group for information.

Disposal of Oil & Coolant

There are several white drums located around the paddock marked “Waste Oil”.


Sunoco 104 Unleaded and 110 Leaded race fuel is available. It is sold before and throughout the day upon request.


Please click here for a complete list of rules for the facility.