Camping: Camping is not allowed on the property. There are nearby campgrounds listed on the “Hotels & Food” page.

Electric and Water: There is no electricity available on the property –  excluding timing and scoring in the tower. If your trailer requires electricity, please bring a generator. Air is located at the paddock in front of the tower. Water for washing off vehicles is located behind the tower. 

Trailer Drop-Off: Dropping off trailers or vehicles the day before an event is not permitted unless the group hosting the event has arranged and paid for a specified time. Please contact the host group for information.

Disposal of Oil and Coolant: There are several white drums located around the paddock marked “Waste Oil.” Dispose of used oil and coolant in these drums.

Fuel: Sunoco 104 Unleaded and 110 Leaded race fuel is available. It is sold before and throughout the day upon request.

Rules: Please click here for a complete list of rules for the facility.